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[Lineart] FGO: First Order by shade1995 [Lineart] FGO: First Order :iconshade1995:shade1995 3 0 [Memories]LLSS 2nd Yr Ver by shade1995 [Memories]LLSS 2nd Yr Ver :iconshade1995:shade1995 7 0 [Soldier 004] Sonoda Umi by shade1995 [Soldier 004] Sonoda Umi :iconshade1995:shade1995 2 0 HonoUmi Fan-manga: Susume~Future by shade1995 HonoUmi Fan-manga: Susume~Future :iconshade1995:shade1995 2 0 Nishikino Maki-19/7/17 by shade1995 Nishikino Maki-19/7/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 14 0 Watanabe You-17/4/17 by shade1995 Watanabe You-17/4/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 12 0 Takamachi Nanoha by shade1995 Takamachi Nanoha :iconshade1995:shade1995 2 0 Sonoda Umi-15/3/17 by shade1995 Sonoda Umi-15/3/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 12 0 Kunikida Hanamaru-4/3/17 by shade1995 Kunikida Hanamaru-4/3/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 5 1 Aqours First Live by shade1995 Aqours First Live :iconshade1995:shade1995 7 2 [ChikaRiko] Won't You Be My Valentine? by shade1995 [ChikaRiko] Won't You Be My Valentine? :iconshade1995:shade1995 6 0 Matsuura Kanan-10/2/17 by shade1995 Matsuura Kanan-10/2/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 7 0 [HonoUmi] Can you hear them? by shade1995 [HonoUmi] Can you hear them? :iconshade1995:shade1995 5 0 Koizumi Hanayo-17/1/17 by shade1995 Koizumi Hanayo-17/1/17 :iconshade1995:shade1995 8 2 Kurosawa Dia-1/1/17(Part 2) by shade1995 Kurosawa Dia-1/1/17(Part 2) :iconshade1995:shade1995 3 0 Kurosawa Dia- 1/1/17(Part1) by shade1995 Kurosawa Dia- 1/1/17(Part1) :iconshade1995:shade1995 7 0


Doodle(Fanart)-Dr. Romani by YitJulia Doodle(Fanart)-Dr. Romani :iconyitjulia:YitJulia 14 1 Maki ashen one by iwbitu-sa Maki ashen one :iconiwbitu-sa:iwbitu-sa 23 3 Fox by Bake-Neko-Mimi Fox :iconbake-neko-mimi:Bake-Neko-Mimi 193 8 Love Live Sunshine x Harry Potter AU by Athyra Love Live Sunshine x Harry Potter AU :iconathyra:Athyra 30 2 Step! ZERO to ONE by paxiti Step! ZERO to ONE :iconpaxiti:paxiti 214 9 RWBY: Ruby sketch by LadyArcane RWBY: Ruby sketch :iconladyarcane:LadyArcane 289 19 Kurosawa Dia by paxiti Kurosawa Dia :iconpaxiti:paxiti 244 7 Pokemon Sun and Moon - Female Trainer sketch by GENZOMAN Pokemon Sun and Moon - Female Trainer sketch :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,983 149 2016 Art Summary Meme Blank by ChequeredTee 2016 Art Summary Meme Blank :iconchequeredtee:ChequeredTee 152 85 2016 Summary of Art BLANK by DustBunnyThumper 2016 Summary of Art BLANK :icondustbunnythumper:DustBunnyThumper 3,767 1,423 Magical Snow by MONO-Land Magical Snow :iconmono-land:MONO-Land 357 13 DnD character Fighter by seageneral DnD character Fighter :iconseageneral:seageneral 2 1 Chika X Riko - Luv Leyv!! Shunsheyn! by purpleblu Chika X Riko - Luv Leyv!! Shunsheyn! :iconpurpleblu:purpleblu 59 8 YouHane - Lovu Raibu! Shuncheyn!! gay edition by purpleblu YouHane - Lovu Raibu! Shuncheyn!! gay edition :iconpurpleblu:purpleblu 62 11
Summer Card Project

No matter the reason, any stay in a hospital could use a little sunshine. And what better way to brighten a hospital stay than with art from the heart?
After nine successful years of DeviantArt's #HolidayCardProject, we've decided to bring the project to the summer months, for the first ever #SummerCardProject!
The idea behind this project is simple: create an inspirational card to brighten the day of someone staying in a hospital. If you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will be given a free one-month Core Membership to DeviantArt.
Last December, the project received over 4,500 cards sent in from 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards are then divvied up and distributed by DeviantArt members to patients in local Los Ange
:iconmadizzlee:madizzlee 2,701 3,787
RWBY Volume 4: An RTX Summary
RTX has officially come to an end now, and while the crew are returning home to their husbands, wives, children, and liquor, the RWBY panels yielded fun, new things for us to get hyped up on!
The clothing:
We got a bucket of sunshine up there.
The story: Volume 4 will begin 6 to 8 months after the end of Volume 3!
The tech: Poser is no longer being used. They have switched over to Maya, and they'll probably stay there for a while. The animation will be far smoother. Grimm have glowing, red eyes that drag little red trails as they move. Expect this volume to have the best visuals!
The trailer/preview: Is out there, discretely recorded on someone's phone; but we like to play by RT's rules and will post a link to that when RT actually wants the world to see it.
The release date: Is October 22, 2016!
The hype: Is real.
:iconrwby:RWBY 156 89




shade1995's Profile Picture
Yaiji Dark
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi there.

You can refer to me as Yaiji or Dark.

I am simply an University student who draws in my free time.

I can understand English, Chinese and a little Japanese(currently learning~)

Art style: Anime/Manga, Traditional

All comments, faves, llamas or anything given are greatly appreciated!



You can find me here as well:






[Lineart] FGO: First Order
Recently, just started playing this game, Fate Grand Order aka FGO and am slowly liking it(tho I haven't gotten any 5* yet-.-)

Drew the characters introduced in first order/prologue which the anime also featured.

I must say Mashu servant form is the type I try to aoid drawing a lot(b'cos of the ///ahembreastahem/// part)...

Had fun sketching the different char(tho after knowing the true stories behind certain chars, feel like this work doesn't protray them right...)
[Memories]LLSS 2nd Yr Ver
It started with a draw of the 2nd yr's voice actors in this PIC before it turned into a collage of the different moments shared between the 2nd yrs~
Colouring was a little tedious and as always, sketching and drawing out the different moments is still the best part:)

Was listening to My World by SPYAIR while working on this- it's a great song to get some inspiration, esp for reminiscing stuff...

PS: dk if I am going to work on the other yrs'; maybe if I have inspiration/muse...
[Soldier 004] Sonoda Umi
It started with a sketch of Hyakuren Gundam from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphan before I tried working on a human version of the gundam(with Umi as the basis). And then, it was developed to a progression of the story of Soldier 004, Sonoda Umi!

I admit mech drawing is really not my cup of tea yet something in me(maybe my love for this gundam design, esp its weapons) made me press on to finish the sketch.- I thought it was badly done but apparently, this isn't true(from the amt of support I got when I first uploaded the sketch onto Instagram...). In a way, it motivated me to complete it and even expand this work to this mini 'story'...

Oh and only did simple shading; my colouring skills may ruin this...^^;

Chose the number 004 cos that's Umi's number in LL & I may/may not draw the other 8 members using this style; considering that mech drawings really isn't easy^^;(then again maybe if there is any nice gundam design that would make me go for the extra mile to do it......)
HonoUmi Fan-manga: Susume~Future
Finally, finished this 5-mth-old fan-manga project:)

And exclusivly release for today, World Doujin Day 2017; 6/5/17

You can read the manga from this pixiv link: LINK

Hope all enjoy reading it:D

PS: do read up the afterwords for details of artist/author notes~
Finally, had the time to do a video for my 5th art compilation, ranging from Autumn & Winter 2016-2017(ard Sept 16 to Feb 17~)
Here's the Youtube link:
And the Pixiv link:…

Hope all like it:)
Mentioned a few weeks or months back that I'm going onto hiatus and this is like an official statement...?^^;

Basically, school's getting tougher which mean busier so I will be inactive here until this semester ends~ 

While I may be inactive here, I'm pretty still active at twitter(which you see from my profile but it will only stay for a mth cos that's how long my premium membership lasts...) and instagram. 

^Both platforms' links are available on my profile as well! Feel free to follow(or stalk or whatever you wan) where I post random stuff and WIPs which I tend to do than finishing them^^;(already gt like a no. of them... Gng be a busy break after exams...)

Next, my blog is also on hiatus that I was tempted to update during my last 1-wk break(just last wk) but school work really is a lot, thus didn't manage to-.- I couldn't even compile my 3rd Pixiv compilation into a video yet...

So, I may reply late to any messages send to me, pls understand, haha^^

Before I end, a little announcement that may happen, depending on certain circumstances...

So, quite early this year, I realised that my followers reached 50 which is nt bad in my opinion; it's a milestone reached:) As such, I'm opening a special request box, exclusively for these 50 followers after my sch semester that is(pls don't request now; I won't entertain any right now) 

After that first request box, I learned of some limits I have so still in the midst of thinking of how to make this work with both myself and my followers, happy at the end!
Also, I will be taking my internship next year(which I already got it! Banzai desu!!!>8<) but based on the interview I had with the company, I may nid start early(like in December) so it's hard to gauge of how busy I will be after my school semester...

Everything is just in the planning stage so no confirmation if this event may happen or not but will still do something special for these 50 followers reached accomplishment!

With that, as always, thank you all faves and comments!^^ Your support is what we artists get our energy boost from, to continue working on our art!


A huge thank you for all who participated in my 'recent' request box! It was my first(& maybe the last...?) time doing this! 

The intention was to have a feel of how is it like to do requests, seeing as so many artists did it and I must say... It was and had been a fun ride, working & trying out different art themes given, esp dress drawing which I'm still trying to get a hand of it^^;
At the same time, it's a little draining?- mostly cos of my colouring materials which r not cheap plus my own personality... 

I have a personality that dislikes being tied down; likes to be free to do what I like! As such, I hate having a fixed theme which already opposes the idea of requests... Yet I also dislike rejecting just cos of reasons like "I dislike it" or "I don't feel like it"; such reasons r just excuses and not real reasons... And so, this brings a conflict when accepting the requests- I know I can do it but it's not what I want to do tho...
It ends up with me, pushing myself to work on the requests cos I made a promise; it would be bad to not fulfil it but in the process of working, I wasn't inspired & couldn't give my best even if I wan to... That feeling is kinda miserable; doing for the sake of doing it and not really enjoying it...

Of course, I wouldn't say I didn't have fun cos I gained a lot from those new exposures and so, I like to thank the requesters for giving such opportunities! 

However, weighing on my own personal feel & gain, I would say doing requests aren't cut out for me... Those artists who could and even do commissions, I salute you:)

After all that said, it's not confirmed this will be my last request box; just maybe I will set the rules stricter that works for both me and my requesters in future request boxes~

All request works of this round can be found on this master post or in my gallery under the folder REQUESTS.

Oh yeah before I forgot, this is to requesters: if you want the the numbering and [request by...] written on top of the request work to be removed, pls let me know; I can do that for you!(Just mentioning; not sure if ppl mind or nt...)

***Sorry for the rant and if this post offends/hurts anyone in any way that u r gonna rant on me cos of how I am, I can only say I was just voicing out my true feelings... And if you don't, thank you for your understanding and support!:)


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