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Yaiji Dark
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi there.
You can refer to me as Yaiji or Dark(if this is easier)
I am simply an University student who draws in my free time.
I can understand English, Chinese and a little Japanese(currently learning~)
Art style: Anime/Manga, Traditional
All comments, faves, llamas or anything given are greatly appreciated!

You can find me here as well:
A huge thank you for all who participated in my 'recent' request box! It was my first(& maybe the last...?) time doing this! 

The intention was to have a feel of how is it like to do requests, seeing as so many artists did it and I must say... It was and had been a fun ride, working & trying out different art themes given, esp dress drawing which I'm still trying to get a hand of it^^;
At the same time, it's a little draining?- mostly cos of my colouring materials which r not cheap plus my own personality... 

I have a personality that dislikes being tied down; likes to be free to do what I like! As such, I hate having a fixed theme which already opposes the idea of requests... Yet I also dislike rejecting just cos of reasons like "I dislike it" or "I don't feel like it"; such reasons r just excuses and not real reasons... And so, this brings a conflict when accepting the requests- I know I can do it but it's not what I want to do tho...
It ends up with me, pushing myself to work on the requests cos I made a promise; it would be bad to not fulfil it but in the process of working, I wasn't inspired & couldn't give my best even if I wan to... That feeling is kinda miserable; doing for the sake of doing it and not really enjoying it...

Of course, I wouldn't say I didn't have fun cos I gained a lot from those new exposures and so, I like to thank the requesters for giving such opportunities! 

However, weighing on my own personal feel & gain, I would say doing requests aren't cut out for me... Those artists who could and even do commissions, I salute you:)

After all that said, it's not confirmed this will be my last request box; just maybe I will set the rules stricter that works for both me and my requesters in future request boxes~

All request works of this round can be found on this master post or in my gallery under the folder REQUESTS.

Oh yeah before I forgot, this is to requesters: if you want the the numbering and [request by...] written on top of the request work to be removed, pls let me know; I can do that for you!(Just mentioning; not sure if ppl mind or nt...)

***Sorry for the rant and if this post offends/hurts anyone in any way that u r gonna rant on me cos of how I am, I can only say I was just voicing out my true feelings... And if you don't, thank you for your understanding and support!:)

Not sure if ppl will like it but just going to ask if anyone would like to have the recent RWBY work I did to be made into a shirt? 

Here's the artwork:

RWBY(Coloured Ver)

And here's the sample:

And, here's how it look like(on me) :

^Taken from mirror reflection so it's mirror-imaged...Pls refer to above for the accurate pic onto the shirt~ This is only to give a rough idea how it look like when worn:)

Also, I'm thinking of adding the RWBY word behind the shirt but worried it's illegal...

So, what do you guys & gals think? For price wise, it's nt gng be cheap; ard $30++ cos of the printing & the shirt cost. This is just a try-out so let me know what you all would think of such an idea?

PS:I may/may nt go with this idea; it's just an idea!-I will see how the responses are before deciding! 

Peace out,

Journal History


With school starting, my life had been busy. But that does nt mean I'm 'dead'; may just take longer to respond that's all^^;
I will be more active on Insta/Twitter- welcome to talk to me:)
Also, upload WIPs on the 2 platforms mentioned!(lately had been doing WIPs and nt finishing them up...-.-)

PS: Just saw the no. of watchers and to think it hits 50-!!! May do something as a thanks!(after my sch term that is, haha~)…
This is like the 2nd time that such kind of 'surprise' happens and while I'm the type who try to avoid conflict as much as I can, if it does happen again...
I will have to put every art of mine with a watermark and disable the download option here.
I may even hav to stop uploading my work onto my blog; will just put links...
All I ask of is, if you do want use my art in any way, pls do ask or credit at the very least! It's only polite!

This may be nothing and people r still gonna steal like nobody's business like they care; let alone how small of an artist I am. Plus I wouldn't know if not for one of my followers. 
But just saying for a head-up if u see the changes in my upload style and take note!
Changed this work:
Love Live X Zootopia by shade1995
Much thanks to Fluffy-Nipu for pointing out the mistake in Eli's left leg:)
Deviantart Birthday 2016 by shade1995
Deviantart Birthday 2016
Happy birthday, Deviantart! It's a little late but here's my entry!
It's random mix of colours; there's no meaning behind it:)
2nd update:
Sry for the spam but hope all enjoy the massive amt of artworks done!
They r all from my little handy notebook that I doodled when I'm bored, art blocked or gt random ideas~
The last update will be on the 2 WIP I started like this wk(insta & twitter followers will know which am I referring to:))- gng finish it by latest next week
This is part of my return-to-sch little 'present'(gng be busy when IT starts; no idea when will I draw/doodle so this is kinda making up for it...?)
[TOZ] Sorey_Fethmus Mioma by shade1995
[TOZ] Sorey_Fethmus Mioma
Fethmus Mioma = Lailah the pure- Sorey's fire form! First form shown in the anime!!! Love that long sword & damm, animation from Ufotable never fail to amaze me; the fire effect makes this form so badass!!!
Looking forward to the other forms(& doodle on them~)
[TOZ] Sorey by shade1995
[TOZ] Sorey
Sorey version of the doodles~
Briefly mentioned in Alisha ver that I will do one on Sorey & here is it!
With this, I will work on his other forms(when the anime slowly releases each!-look forward to 1st one shown in ep 3~)
PokemonGOxLoveLive_Team Leaders by shade1995
PokemonGOxLoveLive_Team Leaders
Whenever I see the PokemonGO team leaders, I can't help think of the soldier game trio!!!-The hair colours match & best of all, the heights even corresponding to the original ones!!! It was like they r made to be; to be crossover!!!

And to add in the originality, created a new team name for each & the symbol too~ Of course, the pokemon representing them, do not change(the legendary birds r just right~)

So who will you join?(I'm thinking of adding the rest of the members reaction towards these 'new teams'...) Definitely going for my fave colour(& bias!!!)

PS: try guessing each team name's meaning- huge hint given inside!
In addition, Pokemon GO is finally here!!!(But it wasn't when I drew this so... Take this work as a celebration!!!) Time to catch them all!!! 
Aqours 2nd yrs_Matching Wristband by shade1995
Aqours 2nd yrs_Matching Wristband
Another random doodle~
Inspiration from how the 2nd yrs hav matching wristbands!!!(Damm OT3><) Kinda surprised no one made any fanart of it...?(maybe it's nt much of a big deal...) Always stuck at loving the 2nd yrs that it hurts to see a love triangle(in that 2nd single for instance...)
Screwed up Chika's part, esp the eyes-.-
And really love their training outfits too!- top fave goes to my bias(cos hoodie rocksXD)
HonoKotoUmi Devil Set by shade1995
HonoKotoUmi Devil Set
Random doodles~
Just love the devil set too much & how kotoumi designs match each other!!!
Also reference to how I gt KotoUmi but nt Honoka(pls come home in the future!-Your 2 waif-I mean best friends r waiting for u!) even tho I love Honoka design much more(that hoodie is awesome>< but the hats on KotoUmi r also nt bad:))

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We have the original of Angel Divers.

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please look.


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Do you have time to draw a Angel Divers?
shade1995 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
First, a thanks for the watch. 
As for request wise, currently I'm not accepting any but I will keep in mind when I do:)
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Happy Birthday!!! ^^
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Thank you very much!^^ 
P.s sry abt the late reply, haha
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